Sunday, April 10, 2016

Vicente E. Garcia's 6 Surefire Tips to Motivate Your Employees ASAP

With a dedicated and passionate set of employees, like the ones I - Vicente E. Garcia had at SAP and HP, you can easily make your business grow faster than you expect it to be. But through time, their enthusiasm might wear out because of the culture or the things happening in the office. If that happens, as the owner you should be the first one to fix this issue. But if your team is lately being unproductive and inefficient because of you, this might be a problem. The first thing you have to do is to empower them and change your behavior while at work. You must understand that you must motivate them and also change yourself. Here some ways to motivate your employees.

1.    Be an example
Employees won’t have the drive to work hard if they do not see you behave the way you want them to be at work. If they see you as a hardworking as you expect them to be, they will definitely be on their track also. Being a boss doesn’t have to be sitting around all day and making commands, you must be an example to let them know that you are working as hard as them.

2.    Give them clear instructions
Most employees just do the job that they are assigned for so do not give them vague instructions because they might get confused. You must give them clear instructions so that you know that you’ll have the exact result that you want. In this way also, employees know that they are doing the right thing on your given task.

3.    Recognize and appreciate whenever they excel
It is better to look at their strengths and value their efforts instead of just pointing out their mistakes all the time. This can damage their self-esteem and can reflect their output. Acknowledge their work and it is more appreciated if you tell it directly. If they have done something awful, do not humiliate them from everyone and talk to them privately.

4.    Be a good listener
For your employees to see their worth in your company, you must allow them to share their opinions and insights for the company’s growth. They aren’t children; they are adults that have opinions that can help your business. They are experienced employees with fruitful ideas so listen to them. They must have a platform in order to voice out their thoughts.

5.    Make the workplace look enjoyable and conducive
A messy workplace doesn’t look professional and makes the employees feel bored. Make the office less cluttered and transform the place conducive for work. In that way, employees will be more energized and relaxed while they are doing their daily tasks.

6.    Include them in your company’s goal
Let them feel that they are an asset to your company especially your top staff. Tell them your long term goals in your company and include them in it. This can be your way to ensure your top-performing staff and trusted employees to still be in your company for a long time. 

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