Thursday, April 7, 2016

10 Things That Bad Managers Do

I, Vicente E. Garcia, who worked for companies like SAP and HP, think that there are a lot of reasons why employees leave a company. Some leave because they wanted to explore jobs abroad while others leave to seek for a higher salary. The question we have now is…how can a company keep the good employees stay? Well, there’s something that we can work with- the attitude of the managers.

If you happen to have managers that possess these 10 things that bad managers do, you might want to consider talking to them and do some coaching. Keep in mind that it is always better to coach bad managers than let them ruin the lives of other employees.

1.    Bad managers blame others- there may be problems being encountered that were quite hard to handle, but if he is a good boss, he won’t point the blame to any of his subordinates. Instead of doing so, he will gather facts on the root cause of the problem and solve it with the team.

2.    Bad managers shout and yell- a good manager should always keep his composure. Some managers, instead of being calm, were the first to raise a voice when things don’t go their way or when their instructions were not followed correctly.

3.    Bad managers have trust issues- a good manager knows when to trust his employees. If he is “over monitoring”, not believing ideas, always doubting reports and never letting allow the employees do things alone, then he is a bad manager.

4.    Bad managers act like Mr. Know-It-All- a good manager discusses ideas with his team. But, a bad manager is not willing to hear inputs from his delegates. He thinks that his ideas are always better than the others. He believes that he knows everything under the sun.

5.    Bad managers refuse to delegate duties- a good manager knows how to delegate duties to his team because he believes on what they can do. On the other hand, a bad manager is afraid to delegate the tasks because he doesn’t trust his employees.

6.    Bad managers don’t do anything- a manager who doesn’t do anything is equally bad as the ones who tend to do everything.

7.    Bad managers expect that everyone thinks like him- bad manager expects that his subordinates think the way he thinks. Aside from that, he wants them to read his mind.

8.    Bad managers don’t give credits- a good manager knows how to execute the reward-and-punishment system that every good or excellent performance from his team members has a reward and every failing performance has a punishment. Instead of applying this system to keep the adrenaline of his team members on their work, a bad manager gives no credits and doesn’t even know how to appreciate every good performance his subordinates have done.

9.    Bad managers give impossible deadlines- a bad manager is always in a hurry without considering the well-being of the employees.

10.    Bad managers ignore employees’ schedules- a bad manager does not care about the lives of his subordinates. This is one of the worst traits that many managers these days guiltily possess.

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